This is a blog which states some comments about CALL.


Week 6

We have talked about hot potatoes these week. I can say that I have learned about really interesting and helpfu program for teachers. As teachers, we always doing exams and preparing these exams is really tiring. Hot potatoes helps us preparing them. Thanks to it, we can overcome more jobs in short time. If we use it online, I think that studens also will like it very much.

Week 5

This week, we have talked about Delicious saves your links and you don’t loose them never. As a teacher, we are doing research and we have to face with many links on my research. Thanks to delicious, we don’t have to face with these links. I think that every researcher should use delicious.

Week Four

I want to say that this week’s call lesson are very informative and helpful for me. As a language teacher we are making quizzes sometimes and multiple choice questions. Today, we have learnt fast way of doing this: socrative. Socrative is the program that helps you evaluating students and you dont have to face with many papers to read. I am sure that as a teacher I am going to use it in my education life.


We always see QR codes in everywhere. Maybe most of us dont know about it like me. However, we can use it in our daily life easily. As a teacher i want to use it in my class next.

Third Week

This week, we started to the lesson “wikies”. Firstly, we talked about wikipedia. Wikipedia is not safe website because everyone can write something there. Secondly, we talked about pbworks which is like wikies. With your own account, you can make a lot of thing in your class using pbworks and you don’t have to face with many papers. Thirdly, we talked about google documents. I think, google documents are useful program for both students and teachers. As a student, we are making presentations with the groups. Her, google docs help us to make us together and you can do your group works fastily.

Second Week

We started the lesson with the use of wordpress used in our lessons. It seems a liitle hard to understand its usage but if you try to understand it you can achive to use it effectively. In wordpress, you can write your blogs, follow different peoples’ blogs and if youn want you can make up your own modifications.

Secondly, we talk about twitter in the lesson and we made some activities using it. Lastly, we sign in a new website whic is called as Here, we talked about rss. feddly help us to read last news and we can find our works there.



According to Mark Warschauer, CALL has been using recently and it has become so widespread in education. It focuses technical description of hardware and software, and pedagogical questions.

Phases of CALL

  1. 1.      Behaviorist CALL

    Behaviorist CALL is the first phase of the CALL. Programs of this phase can be

referred to as “drill and practice”. Drill and practice courseware is based on the model of computer as tutor (Taylor, 1980). That is to say, computer is a vehicle which enables instructional materials to the student. Behaviorist CALL has been undermining by two important factors since 1980s. First, behavioristic approach to language learning was rejected and the other was the introduction of microcomputer which enable new range of possibilities.

  1. 2.      Communicative CALL

          Communicative CALL is based on communicative approach to teaching. It states that behaviorist call is not enough to make communication effectively. According to Underwood, communicative CALL:

  • focuses more on using forms rather than on the forms themselves;
  • teaches grammar implicitly rather than explicitly;
  • allows and encourages students to generate original utterances rather than just manipulate prefabricated language;
  • does not judge and evaluate everything the students nor reward them with congratulatory messages, lights, or bells;
  • avoids telling students they are wrong and is flexible to a variety of student responses;
  • uses the target language exclusively and creates an environment in which using the target language feels natural, both on and off the screen; and
  • will never try to do anything that a book can do just as well.

In addition to computer as tutor, another CALL model used for communicative activities involves the computer as stimulus (Taylor & Perez 1989:63).

Computer as tool is the third model. Here, the model doesn’t make any materials for students, however it power the usage of language. It involves spelling and grammar checkers, desk-top publishing programs, and concordances.